Navision - Dynamics NAV - General Ledger Setup

Dynamics NAV (Navision) – accounting posting period

Dynamics NAV (Navision) – accounting posting period

Every accounting software must have a mechanism to control the time interval when transaction recording is permitted. In many applications there is a procedure who ”closes” the recording period – usually a month, and the users can no longer  post transaction unless the period is ”reopened”.

ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV also has such a mechanism which limits operating errors but is flexible enough to ease user’s job. In order to control the interval for posting, we can define a posting interval available for everybody, or we can setup customized intervals at the user level.

For controlling the general accounting posting interval in Dynamics NAV (Navision), we must  proceed following the path:

Departments->Financial Management->Setup->Administration->General Ledger Setup

Navision - Dynamics NAV - General Ledger Setup

On the window “General Ledger Setup” we can see fields “Allow posting from” and “Allow posting to” and here we can establish the date interval when posting is allowed. Usually, the interval comprises the working current month.

Once this setup is made, if one tries to post a transaction outside the interval, an error will occur. In the picture bellow you can see an example, an error displayed by the system for trying to post a purchase invoice with posting date outside the interval.

Navision - Dynamics NAV - Purchase posting date error

The restriction established in “General Ledger Setup” is a general one, it applies to everybody. So, if we want to define the restriction at the user level, we must access “User Setup” window, which is to be found following the path:

Departments->Administration->Application Setup->Users->User Setup

Navision - Dynamics NAV - User posting date setup

Here we can select from users already defined into the system and we can assign to each one a posting period. The posting period defined in this windows prevails over the period defined in “General Ledger Setup”. That means if for the user has not been defined an interval in “User Setup”, it will apply the interval from “General Ledger Setup”.

Thus, we can define a recording policy as follow: all users who are posting daily, current operations, will record according to the interval from “General Ledger Setup; those who must make corrections/recording outside the current period – chief accountants for example, will be defined in “User Setup”.

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