You need to temporarily increase your staff and you would like to:

  • Find a skilled Dynamics 365 Business Central/Navision developer and take advantage of his experience from the first day, instead on going through the long duration learning curve with new-hired training
  • Pay only for the period you need
  • Be able to stop the assignment or replace the person whenever you need, with minimum costs or administrative effort

Our developers can work remotely, from our development center or travel onsite to your location.

You can chose from two Engagement Models the one that best suits your budget, requirements and convenience:

Time & Materials

Your requirements are likely to evolve in time or they are not detailed enough in order to precisely define a development plan and budget. You need the proper resources to work under your project management and deliver the tasks you assign to them on a daily basis. Moreover, sometimes it’s possible that your project should be on hold and you are not able to continuously assign new tasks. Of course, you would like to interrupt the project without paying for the inter-contract period.

This option is suited for peak development charges or for projects spanning over several months.

Dedicated resources or teams

You have a long term project and you want to be able to retain the expertise acquired by our team. You also want to take advantage of the best rates possible. For continuous assignments of at least 3 months, we provide you dedicated people and take into our charge the costs of the knowledge transfer, should this be necessary over time.

This is the best option for long term collaboration, like the continuous development and upgrade of ISV solutions.

We provide high quality development services and expertise to ensure your project is successfully accomplished. Our Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) development team can take in charge on a fixed price basis:

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central/Navision customizations development
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central/Navision reports development
  • Jet Reports design
  • Add-ons development
  • Third-party systems integration

Our development is based on the specifications you provide. We can follow your quality and software development procedures or we can apply our programming, coding and documentation rules, so you can be assured that the software pieces we produce are easy to integrate within your platform and easy to maintain by your technical people. Our deliverables have always attached the solution design detailed documentation.

We can also work with you in the early stages of a project, for the requirement analysis and detailed specification creation.

We have already integrated Dynamics 365 Business Central with:

  • E-commerce Web sites
  • POS systems for retailers
  • PDA-based Sales Force Automation systems
  • Electronic banking systems (through file transfers)
  • Various Web based applications accessing online the database
  • Office applications through our own components
  • Payroll software
  • Other third parties applications

We have a strong experience in using Web Services in  Dynamics 365 Business Central and previous versions. We already have ready-made modules that can be used as a foundation for integration with other applications and systems.

Following the development process, we can also create or update user manuals, on-line help, installation guides, training support materials, or functional and technical documents.

We speak English and French and we have the experience of many international projects for customers in a variety of industries. We know the product and understand the businesses that use the product, so we are in the best position to help you with your documentation.

You know how often the projects’ documentation or the user manuals are not updated to follow the latest version of the software. And you know how much time your best resources need to spend on these tasks that can easily be outsourced once your partner worked with you in the development process.

Creating the documentation you need can be defined as a fixed price project including a plan for frequent deliveries that will allow you to control the quality of the process and the overall time frame required for the whole project.