CRM functionalities in Dynamics NAV

CRM functionalities in Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is above all an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system whose purpose is to integrate the main operational areas: manufacturing, inventory, sales and purchase etc.

However, Dynamics NAV has a customer relationship management module which, even if it does not match the capabilities of a system such Dynamics 365 CRM, may provide enough support for sales and marketing departments. So, what does provide Dynamics NAV in CRM area?

Contact Management

In Dynamics NAV we can manage contacts both company and person type. As contacts we can define existing customers and leads, and we can classify them after various criteria – business type relationship, industry, geographical area etc. Contact classification can be used for targeted marketing communication.

Sales opportunity management

Sales opportunities can be traced and for each one a specific sales cycle must be associated, in order to reflect the sales’ stages. Sales opportunities have an estimated sales value and a probability of fulfillment. In the end, an opportunity is closed  as a failure or a success, and if is a successs it can be related to a sales quote.

Sales team management

Salespersons are available in Dynamics NAV and can be assigned to customers and leads. In order to accomplish the sales opportunity, activities must be realized by the salespersons. These activities can be defined and assigned to salespersons, and also can be managed as tasks in Microsoft Outlook. Salespersons’ performance can also be measured – according to the sales realized.


Communication with customers and leads

Various types of communication can be logged in Dynamics NAV as interactions associated to a contact: emails, phone calls, meetings, sales documents issued. Interactions may have associated costs expressed in time and/or money, so the communication effort can be quantified. Through Office 365 integration, it is possible that any email sent/received from a contact to be logged automatically into the system as an interaction.



Sales campaign management

It is possible to create sales campaign with specific prices and discounts, and these campaigns can be targeted only to a subset of the customers or leads. For example, we can offer an item with a reduced price only to the customers who previously bought that item or have bought it in a certain value of the sales.

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