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General Ledger Registers in Dynamics NAV (Navision)

General Ledger Registers in Dynamics NAV (Navision)

One of the reasons for which companies choose to implement an ERP system is the fact that an ERP provides enhanced traceability for transactions recorded. Traceability means to know when a transaction has been made, where it was recorded, by whom, what kind of consequences generated etc. In Dynamics NAV (Navision)  traceability is secured by using ”General Ledgers Registers” – a table which logs each transaction. Read more


Master Templates in Dynamics NAV

Master  Templates in Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV provides the opportunity to create customers, vendors and items using templates with information already filled in. Template’s usage secures productivity regarding data entering and also a certainty regarding data’s accuracy.

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Workflows and approvals in Dynamics NAV

Workflows and approvals in Dynamics NAV

Current activities of the companies most often need some business processes which must allow to the management to be informed or to approve certain transactions, such as payments exceeding a certain amount or granting commercial credit to customers. Read more


Automated tasks in Dynamics NAV

If you are working with an ERP system, there are circumstances when certain activities are recurrent and usually do not need user feedback. For such circumstances in Dynamics NAV is available a functionality called ”Job Queue”, whose purpose is to trigger a task at a certain moment in time, according to conditions specified by the user.

This functionality allows to establish a policy for periodicity of the task and, as it saves user’s time also solve system’s overloading, due to the fact that there are tasks who are very consuming for the server and slow down the entire system. This tasks can be scheduled to run outside working hours, usually overnight. Read more

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Posting groups in Dynamics NAV

Posting groups in Dynamics NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) posting groups make the connection between accounting module and operational modules (sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, service etc.). Through posting groups, when one post a transaction the amounts are recorded in General Ledger and the user does not have to know the G/L Accounts involved in the transaction. Read more