Kepler Management Systems has a new visual identity

Since establishment till the end of year 2015, Kepler Management Systems has been a part of Kepler-Rominfo group and therefore, it has had a logo which preserved the visual identity of Kepler group.


Since 2015, Kepler Management Systems separates from parent company and becomes an independent one. The new status imposed a new logo, to reflect this new status and also to say something about the values the company is holding to.

We want that our new logo suggests what defines us: energy, accountability and ability to find creative solutions for complex problems.

Logo Kepler Management Systems

In the same time, our experience and achievements spanned over 10 years of existence determined us to keep the connection with what defined us till now.

In this period we have helped over 70 customers, domestic and foreign, to implement new ERP and CRM systems, to update and optimize their IT solutions. We thank all those who were next to us and continue to be so, and to whom we owe our evolution to the present moment.

This achievements are the reason for the fact that the new logo is not radically different from old one. This continuity represents our promise to be the same reliable partner, as we are for 10 years, side by side to our clients, providing professional services for IT systems modernization, operations optimizations and efficiency increase by using software business solutions from Microsoft.