Dynamics NAV (Navision) Romanian Localization

Kepler Management Systems  developed for Dynamics NAV (Navision) 2013 and the following versions its own version for Romanian localization.

This includes romanian language translation,  the manual, a base package with functionalities and a package with optional functionalities.

Base Package for  Dynamics NAV (Navision) Romanian Localization

1 Accounting Reports

1.1 Trial Balance (5 equalities)
1.2 Customer Trial Balance
1.3 Vendor Trial Balance
1.4 G/L Acc. Detailed Trial Balance
1.5 Customer Card
1.6 Vendor Card
1.7 Petty Cash Register in LCY
1.8 Petty Cash Register In FCY
1.9 Trial Balance Bank Account
1.10 Auxiliary Journals
1.11 General Journal
1.12 FA Physical Inventory List
1.13 Fixed Assets Card
1.14 Fixed Assets Journal
1.15 Purchase VAT Journal
1.16 Sales VAT Journal
1.17 Payment Order/ Collection Order (Dispozitie de plata/Dispozitie de incasare)
1.18 Customer/Vendor Balance Reconciliation

2 Inventory Reports

2.1 Warehouse/Item Trial Balance
2.2 Physical Inventory

3 Operational Documents

3.1 Purchase Receipt (NRCD)
3.2 Sales Invoice
3.3 Sales Shipment
3.4 Internal Consumption (Bon de Consum)
3.5 Transfer – Receipt
3.6 Transfer – Shipment
3.7 Receipt

4 Fiscal/Authorities Declarations

4.1  VIES Declaration (390)
4.2 Domestic Declaration (394)
4.3 Intrastat

5 Closing operations

5.1  Close Income Statement
5.2 Adjust Exchange Rates
5.3 FA Depreciation

Optional Package for Dynamics NAV (Navision) Romanian Localization

  • Automatic extraction from ANAF website of vendors who apply VAT at encashment
  • Automatic extraction of exchange rates from BNR website
  • Using a currency on quote and order, but the invoicing being made on a different currency (for example, the order is in EUR, but the invoice is in RON)
  • Online checking of partner’s data (based on VAT Registration Number)

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