Software for Microfinance Institutions

Soft4Microfinance is a core banking software solution for small to mid-sized online and offshore banks, credit unions, co-operatives, loan associations and other microfinancial and credit institutions. Soft4Microfinance covers the core processes of a microfinancial institution such as customer/member management, accounts, deposits, loans, credit risk, financial reporting among others – from front office to back office operations.

Soft4Microfinance helps to:

  • Control the business rules and flows with financial product configurations, standard conditions configuration, document templates, validity periods, and business day opening/day closure procedures
  • Mitigate operational risk: transaction audit, master data audit, data access authorizations etc.
  • Increase operations flexibility by creating customer-tailored agreements for key clients; simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios with loan and saving calculators
  • Increase Front office productivity with quick customer identification (copy of ID and signature stored on the system), quick transaction entry using context dependent pre-defined templates, user-friendly self-explanatory interface.

Soft4Microfinance is produced and maintained by our partner, Soft4.

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